Avanti Crème Brulee Set with Butane


Avanti Crème Brulee Set with Butane

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Don't wait until your next visit to a fancy restaurant for delicious gourmet desserts; make them right at home with this creme brulee torch. Torch allows you to caramelize the top of your creme brulee or even tarts without heating the filling. You can also brown Baked Alaska and other meringues, or heat and melt cheese for casseroles and lasagna. Torch has an anti-flare flame and includes butane gas. Set includes one torch and four 4 porcelain ramekins For elegant solutions to everyday needs, Avanti is the name Australia depends on. The Avanti Crème Brulee Set has all the tools you need to make delicious Creme Brulee at home. Included are four porcelain ramekins and professional Torch. The Torch features a powerful flame that quickly caramelizes sugar, browns meringues or melts cheese topping.

  • Ramekins made from ceramic.
  • Torch automatically ignites, operates at any angle, and heats up to 121ºC.
  • Torch is refillable- refill included- and allows precision flame control.
  • Ramekins are dishwasher safe.
  • 4 x 9cm Ramekins.
  • 7cm tall Creme Brulee Torch.
  • 250ml Butane Refill for Torch.

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